Welcome to the Manbird pre-order fiesta!

Hope you’re all safe and well in this very unsettled and scary time. We’d been planning to run a Kickstarter campaign in April to raise money for the Manbird double album, but recent events have made the idea of crowd funding much more unpleasant than it already always is. So, we’ve run the numbers and read the runes and the conclusion is that we ought to be able to raise the needed money doing this pre-order campaign instead of the dreaded crowd funding. We’re still offering a tiered system of rewards, but our main focus will be on a basic pre-order price for the two CD Manbird set, plus a pair of download-only albums to accompany the disks. 

Why Preorder?

One aspect of this as a pre-order campaign rather than a crowd funding deal is that there’s less need for us to offer all sorts of little incentives. While these bits and bobs can be fun, we’re doing all we can to simplify and minimize trips to the post office. The primary “physical release” we’re offering is the 2 CD Manbird set. Other music will be download only. If you wish to burn your own CD-Rs from there, that’s cool.

Another plus for us is that by bypassing Kickstarter or whomever, we’re not giving away X% out of money we’ll earn. Sure, there will possibly be some PayPal fees, but not anywhere close to what Kickstarter or other CF companies take. 

The biggest thing, though, for me anyway, is that this feels sooo much lighter. We’re making it up ourselves, setting up the website and working out our own rules. I want this record out in the world, but I don’t want to have to beg for it at a time when we’re all suffering. I’m happy to make music, happy if it pleases people. I think Manbird is special and I’m excited to have landed in this pre-order airport. Please have your liquids ready for inspection!  

Updated 27 May: Funded!