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Manbird – Digital Download + Bonus Albums

A whole lotta digital stuff! Manbird double album download, plus the download-only albums Manbride and Oh The Joys We Live For. $30

Manbird – PHYSICAL RELEASE + Bonus Albums

The reason we’re here, I reckon! The 2 CD set, which includes a poster with lyrics. The Manbride outtakes album and Oh The Joys We Live For album are included as downloads. Postage of the CDs included. $40

Personal Video Concert – Live or Recorded

As it says on the tin, Ant will either show up at the anointed time and place on your screen for a 30-minute concert, or he’ll tape it for you and send it. Almost any request will be considered! The 2 CD set and bonus album downloads are included. $100

Ant Song For You

“More popular than Santa Claus.” The “Ant will write a song for you” option is always a fan fav, and one our Ant always enjoys. “Blue Lamp Rider” and “Haunted In Fenland” are two songs “written for hire” that ended up on albums. Want Ant’s song about your wife on Antronica 7? The 2 CD Manbird set and download albums are included here. $200

Farm Dinner + Concert

Dinner and concert for four on the Boorinakis-Harper Ranch in Auburn, once it’s safe to be around each other again! We’ve done fab house concerts here before, and we’ve made and eaten dinner here as well. How hard can putting those things together be? (Don’t worry, Ant won’t be doing the cooking.) Seriously, though, the farm-to-fork fare will be fresh, local, and tailored to your likings. 2 CD Manbird set and download albums included. $300

Anton As Your Honorary Uncle or Cousin*

For those who wish to push this pre-ordering biz over the top, we’re offering a frivolous and slightly pricy option! Ant will ring you up on your birthday or holiday of your choice to discuss the “good times we’ve had over the years.” Then he’ll ask if you want to hear his latest song. You’ll say yes, of course. This will turn into 45 minutes of him playing you scraps of verses that don’t seem like they’re going anywhere and a chorus that will remind you of something but you won’t be sure what. Finally, your phone battery will run out, or at least that’s what you’ll tell Ant via email when he tries to ring you back repeated over the next three or four days. 2 CD set included, with the download albums, and an apology note from Ant, if needed. *for one year, which should be enough for anyone. $500

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